Proper Fit is Key – by Rex Patrick Altree

Rex Altree and his Wife

Rex Altree and his Wife

Having windows repaired or replaced in a vehicle is one of those events that usually happens  at the most inopportune time. It takes time out of your schedule and it’s not something that can wait until you have a day off, unless you do not have to drive it until after it’s fixed. Repair or replacement glass service does not have to be a tedious task. The team at NewImage Auto Glass knows your time is valuable and will work to take care of your car in the most timely manner.

Auto glass repair and replacement is a specialty task. If the replacement or repair is not performed correctly or the proper materials are not used, the windows will not form the proper seal to keep the elements out. The interior of the car will be subject to dust, rain, snow and wind. The elements could potentially harm the interior. The replaced or repaired windows could crack, break or fall out of place.

Rex Altree and his NewImage Auto Glass technicians are well aware of what quality work means, as well as the importance of meeting the specified window standards. The same care and responsible effort is put into each customer.

The windows in a vehicle, especially the windshield, are an important structural and safety feature and it is critical the work is completed correctly. There is liability and the associated consequences at stake for the driver, insurance companies and NewImage Auto Glass if anything goes wrong because of deficient work practices.

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NewImage Auto Glass only uses the best materials, the latest tools and the most up to date technologies for their repairs and replacements. The auto glass technicians are skillfully trained with initial and continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of repair and replacement of auto glass.

NewImage Auto Glass also has the professional ability to evaluate a cracked windshield and determine whether it is a candidate for repair or replacement. Often times, a cracked windshield within certain parameters can be repaired rather than replaced which is less costly for the customer. Of course, the customer always has the option to have a window replaced rather than repaired.

Rex Altree, Arizona businessman and auto glass shop owner, and his team will work with each customer and guide them through the insurance claim process or, in the case of no insurance, work a plan to enable the customer to take care of the auto glass problem.

All auto glass replacements are guaranteed to be defect free in material and workmanship and come with a lifetime of the vehicle warranty. If a vehicle owner transfers a vehicle with a valid NewImage Auto Glass warranty, that warranty will be honored as long as the new owner has the hand written receipt in their possession. To file a claim under the lifetime guarantee the invoice proving repair or replacement must be presented. The warranty does not cover stress cracks or leakage because of pre-existing structural damage or rust or damage caused by an auto accident, foreign objects impacting the glass or vandalism.